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Meniscus Volume 10, Issue 1

Editorial Comment

Of course it’s anticipatory to talk about the post-pandemic; all around the world, it seems, are reports that we have entered the post-COVID era, while locally we recognise that while we might have outrun the pandemic, but the disease itself still lingers. Moreover, its effects – on personal lives, on individual and national incomes, on the health and education systems which are still staggering toward recovery, and on the profoundly damaged art sector, which did so much to support wellbeing during the lockdowns – continue to frame our lives.

The lateness of this issue of Meniscus is directly related to the COVID / post-COVID effects; the editors have been struggling to find enough time to give proper attention to the submissions, and a number of the poems and stories included here address COVID, directly or indirectly. Other poems and stories pick up on ongoing issues of racism, climate change, gender relations, and the existential quo vadis story that is such an enduring theme in literary writing.

This might make the issue sound depressing, and dense. But writing can always find a way to deal lightly with difficult topics. The works in this issue of Meniscus never fall into mawkishness or hopelessness; rather, they confront the complexities of the world with humour, reflection, irony, or a cool-eyed assessment of how best to adjust to the exigencies that continue to arise. And they do this in language that is often supple, often subtle, sometimes experimental; language that carries the accents of various cultures and literary traditions; language that understands the traditions of the forms in which it finds itself, and knows how to make something fresh within them.

As always, we wish to thank all contributors (particularly for their patience) as we worked through the writing with due care and consideration. The quality of work submitted always makes the act of selection difficult but we’re very happy with the pieces we have to offer the readers. Enjoy.

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Author Index

  • Steph Amir
  • Peter Bakowski
  • Sarah Barr
  • Jason Beale
  • Robert Beveridge
  • Tony Beyer
  • Vincent Brincat
  • Faye Brinsmead
  • Owen Bullock
  • Anne M Carson
  • Lisa Collyer
  • Ion Corcos
  • Sean Crawley
  • Lyn Dickens
  • Pavel Frolov
  • Ian Ganassi
  • Lorraine Gibson
  • Oz Hardwick
  • Tom Hazuka
  • Jackson
  • Lesh Karan
  • Michael Leach
  • Wes Lee
  • A E Macleod
  • Mark Mahemoff
  • Tim Mayo
  • David McVey
  • Michael Mintrom
  • Melinda Jane
  • Chris Muscardin
  • Keith Nunes
  • Nathanael O’Reilly
  • Sarah Penwarden
  • Donna Pucciani
  • Anne Ryden
  • Sandip Saha
  • Hibah Shabkhez
  • Ian C Smith
  • Elizabeth Smither
  • Hrishikesh Srinivas
  • Robert Verhagen
  • Jason Visconti
  • Carl Walsh
  • Janet Jiahui Wu
  • Yuan Changming
  • Aarushi Zarthoshtimanesh