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Meniscus Volume 9, Issue 2

Editorial Comment

This issue of Meniscus is full of variety, with contributions probing issues connected to identity, perception, intertextuality, travel, ethnicity, interpersonal relations, language, authoritarianism, power, writing, the pandemic and much more besides. From our perspectives as editors, it is a satisfying issue because it makes a significant contribution to the complex discussions all societies need after two years of COVID-19—which have challenged many individuals and institutions, including governments. Such discussions include perspectives on how people choose to live and the ethical and moral dimensions of human conduct, and various pieces in this issue relate to such issues

We are also delighted that Danielle O’Leary and Rachel Robertson of Curtin University were able to contribute the ekphrastic supplement, Curious Threads: Creative Writers Respond to IOTA21 to this issue. It is always fascinating to read how writers respond to works of visual art and other ekphrastic stimuli at a time when ekphrasis is an important component of so much creative writing and interart connectivity.

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Author Index

• Richard James Allen

• Ruth Brandt

• Oisin Breen

• Rohan Buettel

• Aidan Coleman

• Angela Costi

• Gregory Dally

• Emma Darragh

• Jane Downing

• Jan FitzGerald

• Maryana Garcia

• Chemutai Glasheen

• Madison Godfrey

• Stephanie Green

• Vannessa Hearman

• Angela Italiano

• Jo Jones

• Daniel Juckes

• Melanie Kennard

• Thor Kerr

• J.D. Kotzman

• Helen Koukoutsis

• Ruth Lacey

• Mike Ladd

• Nellie Le Beau

• Karen Lethlean

• Patience Mackarness

• Nick Mansfield

• Steve Milroy

• Paul Mitchell

• Kate McCaffrey

• Gemma Nisbet

• Catherine Noske

• Danielle O’Leary

• Damen O’Brien

• Denise O’Hagan

• Danielle O’Leary

• Gregory Piko

• Mary Pomfret

• Rachel Robertson

• Francesca Jurate Sasnaitis

• Josephine Taylor

• Sarah Temporal

• Denise Thwaites

• Loretta Tolnai

• Lydia Trethewey

• Isi Unikowski

• Julie U’Ren

• Eleanor Whitworth